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The Diary Of a Dead Butterfly. ♥

Sometimes we are so caught up in life that we forget to appreciate the smallest moments. Do you ever stop and think of all the good feelings and vibes that you get each day by just seeing someone smile? Or for example the feeling of warmth that you get when you and your lover touch hands, when your hands meet and fall slowly into the right place.The good feeling of waking up a bit too early and realizing you got more time to sleep. The feeling of new fresh sheets on your naked body. The feeling of the sun hitting your face after cold winter days. The smell of coffee in the morning, or of bread outside a bakery. The little smile you have while reading funny or cute texts. The feeling you get after getting a good grade in school. The fact that you’re healthy and wealthy enough to be able to hang out with your friends every weekend. The feeling of belonging somewhere on earth. The smell of rain, or of wet leafs after the rain. The smell of cut grass, of daisies or even of roses. The excitement in your pet’s eyes when you come back home. The unexpected hugs, the stolen kisses, the goosebumps..

Just take a minute, realize that life isn’t as horrible as we think it is.

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