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The Diary Of a Dead Butterfly. ♥

It has been quite a while since I wrote something on my blog. Maybe it is because I haven’t had a bit of lone time to think and put my thoughts into words, or maybe it is because I didn’t want to find that time. These past few weeks I’ve enjoyed being busy with all my heart. My mind and body are finally occupied by billion of things. I’m no longer a wreck of a human that hunts my apartment at night trying to find peace. I am the definition of peace now. I’ve finally found the balance between what I should want and what I want. I’ve finally realized that what I wanted was just a caprice, a little something I wish I had even-though I knew it would hurt me. Well it actually did hurt me already, billions of times and maybe that’s why I kept on trying to heal my wounds. I kept on thinking that I got over a bad news and few days later a new one came up, new lies floated to the surface of the ocean of wasted trust that I gave. I’m finally not alone anymore, I’m finally not running and chasing futile dreams. Somebody finally stopped me, somebody finally saw how tired I was of running. I know that it is foolish to fall for somebody when you’re still mourning the loss of somebody else, but I couldn’t help it. The thing about certain people, is that they take your mind off anything with just a smile.. I like those people, bless those people..
I never thought that it would happen like that though.. for all my life I’ve imagined that it would happen with someone I knew for so long, somebody I’ve spend a good fraction of my life with. But then again the people I’ve spent a good amount of time with are the ones that hurt me the most. It was a decision taken on the moment, while the passion of love and desire was running through my whole body. It was imperfectly perfect, a bit awkward and weird but I enjoyed every single breath of it.

Good days are coming, good vibes.

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